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Tủ Trung Tâm Báo Cháy 6300

The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6300 is an interactive digital addressable fire detection and alarm system ideally suited for small , medium & large sized buildings such as nursing homes, hotels and offices. The control panel is designed and manufactured by Protec to comply with EN 54-2 & 4. The control panel is available as surface or recessed mounted with a moulded polycarbonate hinged door finished in storm grey, or optionally with polished solid brass or brushed stainless steel finish for recess mounting only.

Up to 32 Algo-Tec™ 6300 control and repeat panels and illuminated zonal mimics can be interconnected using the optional add in 6300 network card. Wired as a loop the networks dual channel fault tolerant RS485 ensures that no single fault can disable the system. In the event of multiple faults, each panel will function independently. The network can be wired using copper or fibre optic cables.

Each 6300 control panel is equipped with 1, 2 or 4 high capacity Algo-Tec™ digital addressable data loops, with up to 191 address capacity per loop. Total panel devices is restricted to 512 inputs to comply with EN54 part 2. In addition to sensors, interfaces and manual call points the loop can also support loop powered SOUNDERS, VISUAL ALARM DEVICES and OPTICAL BEAM DETECTORS. Loop powered sounder bases adopt the sensor address to increase the capacity of the loops still further, resulting in reduced cabling requirements, simplified installation and associated cost savings.


LPCB ref. no. 201ad


Power Supply

Mains 230V ac nominal ± 10%

Working Voltage

21.5 - 30V dc

Temperature Range

0 - 40°C

Maximum Humidity

85% Non-condensing

Panel Model

6301 6302 6304

Standby Load
(Mains Fail Condition)

90mA 115mA 170mA

Alarm Load
(Mains Fail Condition)

210mA 260mA 345mA


Backlit liquid crystal display 2 lines of 40 characters

Digital Addressable Loops

1,2 or 4 loops, each with 191 address capacity. Total panel capacity is restricted to 512 Input addresses to comply with EN 54-2. Algo-Tec™ 6000 Protocol.

Total Loop Load

600mA per loop including all loop connected devices


32 Zone LED’s plus twin red common fire indicators

Integral Charger

3A dc Switch-mode.

Integral Battery

10Ah 24V sealed lead acid

Remote Power Supply

The Protec 9000/BC range of power supplies are compatible with the 6300 panels.
Dual path outputs and fault signalling, (4 wire plus 2 wire, 2 primary power, 2 signals, 2 secondary power).

Programmable Alarm Outputs

4 Monitored - Internal sounder circuits (1A rated @ 24V).
1 Set of non-monitored double-pole changeover contacts (1A rated @ 24V).
Up to 191 alarm outputs per loop with the use of additional loop O/P devices.

Alarm Load

Maximum 3A with integral power supply unit

Fault Monitoring

Fully fault monitored to EN 54-2

Fault Output

Single pole changeover contacts (1A rated @ 24V)

Serial Communications Interface

4 wire (2 power, 2 data) for up to 4 repeat/mimic panels.

Secure Network

To replace above serial interface when optional 6300 network card fitted to allow up to 32 panels /
repeaters to be securely networked (2 wire loop).

Auxiliary Output

Supply 24V dc fused at 250mA.

Common Fire Output
(fire station)

24V dc fully monitored output rated at 20mA. 1K EOL.

Common Fault Output
(fire station)

24V dc fully monitored output rated at 20mA. 1K EOL.

RS232 Communications Interface

9 way 'D' type connector (Male). For program/text software upload/download.

Optional Integral Printer

40 character low noise thermal printer.

Dimensions (mm)

440(W) x 385(H) x 144(D)

Approvals (6301)

LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/07,
EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1474,
Relevant Standard: EN 54-2 & 4.

Approvals (6302)

LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/08,
EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1475,
Relevant Standard: EN 54-2 & 4

Approvals (6304)

LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/09,
EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1476,
Relevant Standard: EN 54-2 & 4




6300 Schematic

Features and Benefits (Continued from above)


  • Reduced False Alarms
  The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 interactive fire sensors utilise advanced discriminating algorithms for maximum reliability and immunity to false alarms.
  • Enhanced Performance
  The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 sensors learn from their environment, applying interactive decision making algorithms to provide stability, threshold
compensation and optimised performance.
  • Secure Detection Loops
  Many Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 devices incorporate built-in short circuit isolator units. These can be located as required.
  • Easy to Address
  FAST™ (Firmware Addressed Secure Technology) ELIMINATES troublesome and time consuming setting of address cards and DIL switches.
  • Devices Display Address Number
  ‘RVAV’ Remote Visual Address Verification. Confirmation of the correct location of each device can be easily identified, using the devices in-built LED to indicate the device address number.
  • On Site Flexibility
  Configuration of all system functions is fully site programmable.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  Early indication and reporting of sensors approaching contamination level reduce false alarms and enable dirty sensors to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Optional RS232 Port
  Typically used to connect to a colour graphics system, pager system or BMS interface. Allows PC connection for backup and programming.


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ECSM 275-A
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